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The selective methods for settling any dispute or claim emerging out of or identifying with this Agreement (counting any supposed breach thereof), the Service, or the Website will be BINDING SETTLEMENT regulated by the AAA (American Arbitration Association). The one exemption to the selectiveness of intervention is that you reserve the right to bring an individual case against the Company in a small-claims court of a competent locale.However, regardless of whether you pick adjudication or small cases court, you may not under any conditions start or keep up against the Company any class activity, class arbitration, or other delegate activity or continuing.By using our Website or Service in any way, you consent to the above discretion contract. In doing as such, YOU GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO GO TO COURT to declare or shield any cases among you and the Company (aside from issues that might be taken to small-case court).YOU ALSO CONCLUDE YOUR RIGHT TO PARTAKE IN A CLASS ACTION OR PROCEEDING.Your privileges will be controlled by a NEUTRAL ARBITRATOR, and NOT ANY JUDGE/ JURY. You are allowed for a judicious hearing before the mediator. The judge can grant any assistance that a court can, however, you should take note of that assertion procedures are typically more streamlined and more smoothed out than preliminaries and other legal procedures.Choices by the arbiter are enforceable in court and might be toppled by a court just for exceptionally restricted reasons.Any procedure to implement this discretion agreement, including any proceeding to affirm, alter, or clear an assertion grant, might be started in any court of competent jurisdiction.If this intervention arrangement is under any conditions held to be unenforceable, any suit against the Company (aside from small-cases court activities) might be started distinctly in the government or state courts situated in San Francisco, California.You therefore, unalterably agree to the ward of those courts for such purposes. This Agreement, and any debate among you and the Company, will be represented by the laws of the territory of California, regardless of the standards of contentions of law, given that this mediation understanding will be administered by the Federal Arbitration Act. In the event that a suit is brought to authorize any of the arrangements of this Agreement, the Service or this Website, the overarching party will be paid by the other party the entirety of the common party’s expenses and costs of indicting and additionally protecting the suit, including, without constraint, the sensible lawyers’ charges, court expenses and costs of the overall party. You can disagree this consent to parley by mediation quit letter and sending it to our email (please mention) within a timespan of 30 days of first abiding by these Terms.

Guaranteed Lowest Fares

We are certain to such an extent that our bulk private charges are amazing that we will give you a Low-Price Guarantee! However, if within 24 hours of your ticket purchase, you give us a duplicate itinerary of our rivals, which will incorporate indistinguishable agenda, including the toll premise and passage computation information, we will match the cost and send you $50 voucher to use towards your next acquisition of any mass private fares.

Guaranteed Advertised Fare

All the fares that are mentioned on this website are definite to be reasonably offered within the stated travel time in the fare limitations. If the fare is not available, Call Travel Expert will upright the publicized fare and sell the fare at the publicized level. All our clients who are incapable of booking any promoted special through one of Call Travel Expert travel agents or seeking for a “Low Price Guarantee” $50-voucher, can email Call Travel Expert at (email) or call at the toll-free number ( provide number).

Fraud Prevention Measures

Global Travel Network LLC, as a main consolidator to Africa, is resolved to offer competitive pricing to our clients, living in the US. We know a large number of our clients have family members and companions abroad who might need to visit our clients in the US or even move forever. That is the reason we offer serious single direction and round-trip pricing from a wide selection of take-off focuses abroad. As of late, a portion of our clients have become casualties of a scam.

Tricksters are progressively advanced, and it no longer takes a “fool” to be a casualty. Culprits of false missions contribute cautious time with their casualties, setting up a connection of trust, certainty and if conceivable, even romantic association. When a cozy relationship is set up, a solicitation or supplication for help is normally made. Ordinarily, a highly sensitive situation is made and our customers are requested assistance with visa, aircraft ticket, a huge legacy, or other legitimate issues.

It is conceivable to have a genuine, legitimate and enduring relationship with somebody from abroad. In any case, regardless of where you met and what the conditions are, we emphatically urge every one of our clients to be mindful when buying tickets for people dwelling abroad. Because of the outrageous degree of trick action in certain nations, we firmly prompt an individual verification.

Global Travel Network LLC requires Mastercard confirmations for all outsider charge card exchanges. It secures us against day by day extortion endeavors. We are exceptionally despondent to find out about any misrepresentation that influences our clients. This is the reason we are imparting this ongoing experience to you – our clients. We trust that this data is useful and wish your companions and family members a sheltered flight and fulfilling stay in the US.

A Note to Self – Your billing address should match to the address mentioned on the credit card statement. Those clienteles who wish to buying tickets for relations or groups will be reached by an ITN LLC charging support delegate to start a three-path call to approve the buy straightforwardly with the responsible bank. Some credit as well as check cards may have day by day restricts; kindly ensure with your concerned bank that you have adequate assets for the acquisition of your ticket(s). The admissions are not ensured until the tickets are given.

Itinerary Information

 The names of the travelers given must match the names appeared on the identifications. When the tickets are given, they are non-adaptable. Indeed, even a little error in the name can cause a significant burden for the travelers during their journey. Now and again, this mix-up can even keep the travelers from utilizing their tickets. Recollect that a large number of the profoundly limited passages are non-refundable.

Collecting Personal Data

The TSA (TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION) expects us to send data gathered from you. Providing this information is obligatory. You can’t get the issued tickets unless this data has been provided. TSA may share data given by you with law enforcement or insight organizations or others further down its records notice. For additional on TSA protection arrangements or to see the records notice and the security sway evaluation,  check TSA’s website at TSA.gov. (Please check this link)

Change of Aircraft En-Route

Most of the times, you should change airplane on the way despite the fact that your ticket may show just one flight number and have just a single coupon for the same. Further, on account of any travel, one of your flights might not be distinguished at the air terminal by the number mentioned on your ticket, or it might be recognized by other flight numbers notwithstanding the one given on your ticket. At your solicitation, the dealer of this ticket will give you subtleties of your change in airplane. For instance, where it will happen and what airplane types are included.

Travel Documents

Travel records required for all tickets (e-tickets, paper/paperless) incorporate a legitimate Passport, which must be introduced for all global flights. A few nations may require a visa or potentially wellbeing (health) card. It is traveler’s obligation to have all essential travel reports ready at the time of check-in. The travelers will check the visa necessities for all the stops, as a portion of the nations may require a travel visa. Those travelers traveling through or interfacing between the air terminals inside the European Union – Schengen Zone may require a Schengen Entry visa. Going on a single direction ticket might be confined. In the event that you are going on a single direction ticket, it is your duty to ensure you are qualified. ITN LLC operators don’t prompt travelers on visa necessities. If you don’t mind contact the government office of the nation, you will visit or travel through to get updated prerequisites.

Above and beyond, you can get the passport and visa information through Travel Advisory Section of the U.S. State Department by visiting the State Department’s Web site at Travel.State.Gov or by calling them at +1 202 647 5225. However, the Non-U.S. passport holders should compulsorily connect with the embassies of their terminus and transit countries, to get entrance necessities. For any kind of medical info, you can visit the CDC’s Web site at CDC.gov or contact the centres for Disease Control at the number – (1) 404 332 4559.
 International Travel Network LLC has aligned with VisaHQ to aid you with Passports/Visas at a nominal pricing. If you need a Passport or a Visa, use VisaHQ services by Clicking Here! 

Point to Self – Call Travel Expert Tickets along with the International Travel Network LLC (ITN LLC) will not be held accountable for any information or services provided by VisaHQ, as we aren’t a supplier/source of these services and turn out exclusively as an agent for the genuine suppliers of such services.

General Rules and Regulations

Price Restrictions and Rules

  • Cancellations and Reimbursement                 
  • No Cancellation/refunds before departure is allowed.
  • No Cancellation/ refunds after departure is allowed.
  • Exchanges                  
  • No modification before departure is allowed.
  • No modification after departure is allowed.

The aforementioned confirmed tickets are non-transferable and non-reroutable.

If in case, the price rules permit exchange and/or refunding, an amount of $ 250.00 ITN LLC will be charged to further process the exchange and/or refunding. This expense will be collected notwithstanding the forfeits charged straightforwardly by the airlines as well as reviewed by the carrier from ITN LLC. Bookings for passes to be discounted as well as exchanged must be annulled in any event, 24 hours preceding planned take-off – SHOW ticket/s won’t be permissible for discount and/or exchange. Dropping of reservation doesn’t naturally initiate reimbursement. Every exchange can be made uniquely preceding planned flight.

Once the tickets are given, any progressions or discounts are dependent upon the limitations of the fares utilized. As a rule, discounted pricing is more prohibitive and at times, they are non-replaceable and non-refundable. Kindly focus on the passage limitations of your tickets. If you need greater adaptability with your tickets as far as exchanges and discounts are concerned, it would be ideal if you counsel your agent and solicitation a less restricted pricing. Carriers offer a wide scope of pricing, including those that offer exchanges/ discounts with no limitations and punishments. The aircrafts carefully follow their approaches and don’t allow discounts or exchanges, if in case, that the fare limitations don’t permit it. The carriers decide the limitations of the tolls, and ITN LLC don’t hold right to abrogate these limitations.

Airlines usually changes their seat availability and fares consistently. Most aircrafts record their charges with the ATPC (Airline Tariff Publishing Company). These document updates can happen a few times, each day. The aircrafts deal with their seat stock through their booking frameworks. By and large, they abatement or increment the seat stock (and subsequently the price availability) in light of numerous factors, which may incorporate, for instance reservation burden or cancellations on specific flights. ITN LLC can’t foresee the charge nor would it be able to ensure that the carriers won’t discharge less expensive seat stock. When the tickets are given, they are liable to charge limitations.

Baggage Information

The airline(s) may expect you to pay extra charges at the air terminal if your load surpasses certain constraints, for example, the weight, number, size, and measurements of your baggage. A few aircrafts don’t offer any free stuff allowance. The load remittance policies and expenses related with checked or lightweight things shift generally and are liable to change by the aircrafts at any point of time. Be encouraged to check legitimately with the airline services for the most recent load allowance information.


The ITN LLC, (Global Travel Network LLC) unequivocally suggests to go for travel insurance. As of now, the flight take-off and arrival timings are accurate. Be that as it may, carriers oftentimes variate times and/or flight numbers. ITN LLC isn’t liable for any listed changes. We request you to contact the carriers to check the current flight data and reconfirm your flights 72 hours before your planned take-off. Inability to utilize any reservations may bring about automatic cancellation of all proceeding and return reservations and suspension of the tickets. Kindly contact ITN LLC or the carrier before your planned flight to drop your current reservation and hold the first estimation of the ticket if relevant. Registration time suggested for all global flights is at least 3 hours, regardless of whether you are going on a homegrown transporter to another air terminal and associating with your international flight. Travel records required for all tickets, such as e-tickets, paper/paperless incorporate a valid Passport, which must be introduced for all global flights. A few nations may require a Visa and additionally wellbeing card. It is the traveler’s obligation to have all vital travel reports in the ownership at the time of check-in. In case of non-reconfirmation, or passport/visa related concerns, ITN LLC will not be answerable for denied boarding. ITN LLC isn’t liable for transportation to and from air terminals and among air terminals and doesn’t give lodging convenience.

ITN LLC can’t roll out any modifications, after the tickets are issued. All progressions are liable to charge limitations and rules once the tickets are given. ITN LLC maintains all authority to charge administration expenses, that were already included in the total above. The client sees all the specifications, rules and conditions relating to the bought tickets. The charges are not ensured until tagged. To see your itinerary, kindly utilize the link given -> http://www.viewtrip.com/ and along with your confirmation.

Liability Waiver

I comprehend that International Travel Network LLC isn’t the source or provider of the services related to travel I have mentioned, and acts exclusively as an agent for the genuine providers of such services. I have been prompted that the providers whose names show up in the data provided to me are the individuals who are really liable for giving the movement administrations I have bought. I agree to and demand the utilization of those providers and make a deal to avoid considering International Travel Network LLC dependable should any of these providers”
   1. Incapable of providing travel services that I have purchased;
   2. Incapable of complying with any pertinent law;  
   3. Engage or omission in any negligent act that may injure me, delay or may cause damage or inconvenience.

I acknowledge that International Travel Network LLC isn’t answerable for, nor will I endeavor to hold it obligated for, any injury, harm or misfortune that I may endure by virtue of any conditions, activities or exclusions that are past its control. I have advised use of Credit card, as this may offer me the chance to question the charge should a seller stop operating. I comprehend that I may buy a travel insurance protection to cover certain dangers innate in movement, for example, inability to commute because of a clinical or individual crisis or because of bankruptcy. Worldwide Travel Network LLC doesn’t give or sell travel protection.

Credit Card Chargebacks

You can contest accuses of Mastercard companies (“chargebacks”). If in case, you’ve an inquiry regarding a charge on your financial statement Credit Card), we urge you to call Call Travel Expert Tickets, prior to contesting an accuse with the help of your Mastercard company, so we may examine and address any inquiries or concerns you may have about our charges. In all cases, Call Travel Expert Tickets will work with you in settling your interests. As quickly as possible Tickets holds the option to question any chargeback that it accepts is inappropriate, as depicted all the more completely beneath. Call Travel Expert Tickets, likewise holds the option to completely drop any reserving in case of a chargeback identified with that booking.

Call Travel Expert Tickets esteems the accompanying chargeback situations as inappropriate and holds the option to explore and invalidate any such chargeback claims and to recuperate expenses of such chargeback claims from you.

  • Chargebacks that results because of non-cancellable appointments if Call Travel Expert Tickets or the carrier can’t give a discount, regardless of whether the booking is utilized.
  • Chargebacks that results in because of the charges approved by family, companions, partners or other outsiders with direct admittance to your Credit Card.
  • Chargebacks that results in because the carrier’s inability to deliver a service/product in a way that is steady with the aircraft’s product description.
  • Chargebacks that results in because of the force majeure or other circumstances that are beyond the control of Call Travel Expert Tickets.
  • Chargebacks identified with the items or services that have been utilized completely or mostly by you.

For more noteworthy conviction, we may, as per the Privacy Policy, use the data related to you, including chronicles of client assistance calls, to debate chargeback claims from you.

You therefore, unequivocally approve INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NETWORK LLC to charge your Visa Card (and/or hold from your customer’s record) with the measure of any chargeback handled by the bank and identified with the administrations or items that have been utilized completely or mostly by you.

You thusly unequivocally approve INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL NETWORK LLC to charge your Mastercard (and/or hold from your client’s record) with the measure of any chargeback expenses applied by the bank to the chargeback mentioned by you without merits and consequently dismissed by the bank.