Flights to San Francisco

Facts to Consider When Flying to San Francisco, California

  • The percentage travelers, flying to San Francisco, over the age of 35 was 53%
  • The percentage travelers, flying to San Francisco, over the age of 60 was 16%
  • The percentage of travelers, flying to San Francisco and booking business & first-class tickets was 2%
  • The percentage of travelers, travelling with their kids to San Francisco, till the age of 14 was 6%
  • The percentage of female travelers, traveling to San Francisco was 47%
  • The percentage of Millennials traveling to San Francisco was 34%
  • The average number of days spent in San Francisco by Travelers was 33
  • The month that witnessed least bookings for San Francisco was April
  • The month that witnessed the highest bookings for San Francisco was July

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What to Explore In San Francisco?

Being the social, business, and money related focus of California, the city of San Francisco holds a significant situation in the state. Because of its prominence and creating nature, it is the fifteenth most crowded city in the U.S. and fourth generally crowded in California itself. With the quickest developing economy and culture, San Francisco is a good example for some basic urban areas. This reformist nature is the thing that welcomes a huge number of guests on the ground of the city. The most recent advancements, present day engineering, remarkable exhibition halls, a city life that comprehends the necessities of ages is the thing that the new ‘pattern’ is and San Francisco has it and the sky is the limit from there. Visit the city and see for yourself to encounter the absolute best wonders that will turn your head around.

What Is the Best Time to Visit San Francisco?

The best time to visit San Francisco is during the spring season, i.e., from March to May, when the climate is wonderful for open air activities and meandering around.

What Are the Top Attractions In San Francisco?

  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Cable Cars
  • Alcatraz Island
  • Twin Peaks
  • Palace of Arts
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Legion of Honor
  • San Francisco Museum of Arts

What Are the Significant Festivals & Events Celebrated In San Francisco?

San Francisco hosts several events and festivals consistently during the year. Most mainstream celebrations of San Francisco are Chinese New Year’s Parade in February, Cherry Blossom Festival the month of April, Outside Land Festival in August, Folsom Street Fair in September, Castro Street Fair in the month of October, and Ghirardelli Square Tree Lighting Ceremony in November.

What’s the Best Time to Book San Francisco Flights?

Booking Flight tickets for San Francisco, ahead of time can get you extraordinary deals. Book at any time, 30 to 50 days ahead of time to snatch cheap deals to San Francisco.

What Time it Takes to Travel To San Francisco?

Flight ticket from New York City (NYC) to San Francisco for the most part take 6 hours 25 minutes.