Call Travel Expert is a recognized as a brand that belongs to ITN (International Travel Network). This allow them to have access to remote charges, which is transferred by ITN and partner consolidators, that don’t vend to the general communal directly. In contrary to most consolidators in the United States who accommodate only to travel agents, Call Travel Expert deals directly with passengers and sell them. ITN has so dealt with nearly 200 airlines.

Yes, without a doubt. Being into the industry for decades, Call Travel Expert began to evolve in the industry, bringing best travel deals to its customers along with offering best-in-class services. As far as legality is concerned, then our business is accredited and rated A (highest level) by top organizations, including BBB (Better Business Bureau), ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation), IATN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network), and ASTA (The American Society of Travel Advisors). All these clearly indicates that Call Travel Expert is 100% legitimate firm, offering fair deals to its clients.

Though it’s very convenient for anyone to access to our database, based on search criteria, however, it’s not possible to book tickets online. It’s because most of our discounted fares are not uploaded on the site and can only be availed by giving us a call. Also, we would advise you that whenever you are planning and going through our quotes online, do keep in mind that discounted deals are sold very quickly. Seeing in your online quote simply implies to the lowest applicable fare and that too for selected dates and cities, and might not reflect actual seat obtainability. So, it’s better to give us a call so that our agents can find you the best fare, tailored to your needs, i.e., dates and fare pricing. Also, the more flexible you become in your planning, the better a quick are your chances of getting a fair deal.

Call Travel Expert agents are available on a phone call and through email (24hours) from Monday to Sunday.

Distance accumulation depends on airline norms. Some fares don’t allow mileage accretion, whereas others can earn you additional 100% on miles. It’s recommended to check with the airlines, as Call Travel Expert is not accountable for mileage acclaims.

e-Ticket is nothing but an electronic ticket, which substitutes paper tickets. Once you pay for your journey, an electronic ticket will be issued to you and with that, an electronic ticket file will be enclosed to your booking and can be retrieved by the airline(s).

No, al tickets aren’t transferable and along with that, name change is not permitted.

Call Travel Expert mostly issues electronic tickets. Once your electronic ticket/s is issued, you will receive an email confirmation, which will have a ticket number and reservation number/s, for each airline, you will travel on. Also, for paper tickets, you can ship your tickets via the Fedex/UPS. When shipping through Fedex/UPS, your agent will give you a tracking number that you can utilize for tracking your ticket/s. Call Travel Expert is not accountable for delayed or lost tickets.

Once Call Travel Expert ensures that the tickets have been issued, you will receive E-ticket confirmation on your email ID. General delivery for paper tickets takes around three to fifteen business days. If necessary, we advise you to check with your agent to place express delivery for you.